The Secret Life of Nice Guys

August 5, 2009 Living

I want to take the discussion in a serious direction for a minute. There was an awful piece of news on the wire today: a man walked into a ladies’ fitness class and started randomly shooting. He killed three women and injured many others before killing himself. The media quickly found an online diary that […]

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Survey: Men Love Surveys

August 1, 2009 Living

50 reasons you have sex. 5 ways to shred your abs. There’s nothing that bumps online traffic or magazine readership like a list. And a survey is the ultimate list: it’s a list of details about you! Why wouldn’t you want to read it? And it seems this is prime time for surveys, with a […]

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Hump-Day Lessons

July 28, 2009 Dressing

Predictions peg our high temperature at upwards of 100 degrees today, which would be an all-time record here. (Yes, you folks in Phoenix are crying me a river right now.) So know that I lost about half my body’s fluid acquiring you this week’s readings. Umm-hmm: In Dating expert Steve Santagati inspires ‘The Ugly Truth’, […]

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Swingers: Not Just Entertainment, It’s Training

July 17, 2009 Living

I don’t know a single guy who’s ever seen Swingers and didn’t: Start interjecting, “Vegas, baby! Vegas!!” at the slightest provocation. Stand in awe of Vince Vaughn’s performance as Trent. The breakout movie for both Vaughn and now-Iron Man director Jon Favreau was a character study in the smooth ladies’ man Trent and the pining, […]

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