Meet Women, Feel Better

by Michael on October 8, 2009 · 0 comments

(Photo by Alaskan Dude)

(Photo by Alaskan Dude)

Researchers sometimes discover the most awesome things. This time it’s the health benefits of meeting women — it turns out that by just talking to an attractive girl you raise your testosterone and reduce stress.

Researchers from the University of California arranged to have 100 male college students talk for five minutes to a young female undergrad from a pool of seven, while another 50 guys instead talked with a guy close to their age (sounds like a typical off-campus party). The men who talked with a woman were asked to rate her attractiveness, provided a saliva sample and then let the guys in the lab coats do their work.

The guys found the girls attractive, rating them an average of 5.83 out of 7. What was more telling were the results of the saliva test: that five-minute talk raised testosterone levels by 14 percent and those of cortisol, an anti-stress hormone, by 48 percent.

On the other hand, the guys who talked with the dude saw their T and cortisol levels decline slightly.

The Telegraph spoke to Dr. Leslie Knapp, a biological anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, to try and make some sense of the findings, and she pretty much confirmed the obvious. “It all boils down to sex,” she said. “High levels of testosterone are associated with boosting sexual performance, whereas cortisol helps focus your energy and helps you deal with anxiety.” In other words, it’s a biological response to potential mating — you both prepare for sex and get ready to compete with other males if necessary.

The message is clear: it’s good for you to talk to a woman, even if you aren’t going to take her home tonight. Here’s how to do it, if you’ve forgotten. And it may not work if you do it like this.

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