New Year’s Resolution? Try a Motto Instead

December 30, 2010 Living

The second the clock passed 12 midnight on December 26, the entire blogosphere (and Twit-o-sphere and Facebook-sphere) started asking you for your New Year’s Resolution. Not me. I’m going to suggest that this year you do what I’ve been doing for about 7-8 years now: instead of a resolution, think of a motto. A Motto […]

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Weekend Reading, Student Edition

September 24, 2010 Grooming

Happy first weekend of fall! (Aussies, happy first weekend of spring!) Right now as I look out my window, Mother Nature can’t decide whether to lighten up or bring the pain. I’m guessing soon it’ll be the pain. Now that you college students have your computers hooked up (who am I kidding, you brought your […]

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Just Do It: Cliché or Crucial?

August 18, 2010 Living

Lately I’ve been learning some new Internet skills from a fairly respected guru, and I’ve been able to take a ton of useful information away from his tutorials. However, there came a point when he spoke about writing articles, and addressed those in the audience who don’t think they can write. His advice was to […]

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Dealing With Problems

July 9, 2010 Living

Problems strike when you least expect them. Today I was beginning my work day when my computer suddenly froze. I restarted, but was greeted with the “where’s the disk?” message. Hmm. Restarting again, I listened for the reassuring click of the hard drive, only to find abject silence. My hard drive is toast. While I […]

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Are You Fit for the World Cup?

June 11, 2010 Health & Fitness

The World Cup might be catching on in America, but just about everywhere else in the world it’s a full-on fever—the good side of nationalism. The best US analogy is Major League Baseball opening day, when the cliché goes that any team can win. So it is today—even Cameroon, Serbia and North Korea can dream […]

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Lessons from Dennis Hopper

May 30, 2010 Living

Dennis Hopper passed away on May 29, from complications brought on by prostate cancer. From the moment he broke out in Easy Rider to his last starring role in the TV-series version of Crash, he has truly marched to his own drummer on-screen. Off-screen he was the same, by all reports. In the ’70s and […]

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Enjoy Your Achievements Today

May 22, 2010 Living

Lord knows I’ve made fun of the Men’s Fitness/Men’s Health-type magazines in the past, but there is wisdom to be found there on occasion. These words from Men’s Fitness Editor-in-Chief Roy S. Johnson are some of that wisdom: Too many guys stop working out because they aren’t seeing the progress they want…Many of us do […]

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Crucial Reading: Building Your Resiliency

April 3, 2010 Living

One of the most important traits you can have for making this life a good one is resiliency: the ability to take what comes with strength, and act in such a way that moves your life forward. It’s no secret that I’ve got a man-crush on the Art of Manliness—Brett and Kate McKay use “retrosexual” […]

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