Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Men

December 18, 2009 Dressing

With one week until Christmas, you may be sweating the eventual trip to the jam-packed mall to do battle with the masses over the ugly sweaters and iPod knockoffs that remain. I have done this, and found myself waiting in enormous lines to buy pitiful crap that the recipient must then pretend he likes. Don’t […]

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For God’s Sake, Man, Buy Your Own Underwear

November 12, 2009 Dressing

A new survey by British department store Debenhams says men don’t like buying underwear. And while I think surveys like this are self-promotional junk, there are a couple of points to be made. First, the survey notes that men under 26 say they prefer “tight briefs,” men 26-33 say they prefer boxers, and men over […]

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Hump-day Links XIX

October 21, 2009 Dressing

The week before Halloween, and it’s kind of quiet. I’ve got my costume, have been growing out my beard especially for it (No, I’m going neither as ZZ Top nor Band of Horses) and I’ve got my connection for easy party access. If you don’t have your costume, I just wrote something that might help. […]

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Hump-day Links XVII

October 7, 2009 Dressing

I know, I know — the lack of 24-hour Brett Favre hype on ESPN is getting you down. Don’t worry, they can only program the World Series of Poker so many hours a week. They’re just taking a break so everyone can stop hyperventilating. In the meantime, might I suggest you occupy your mind with […]

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Hump-day Links XIII

September 9, 2009 Dressing

An extraordinary day (9/9/09) in an extraordinary week (apologies for the light posting): New Beatles stuff (if you like The Beatles), the USA plays Trinidad & Tobago in an important World Cup qualifier (if you like soccer), Apple announced a video-enabled iPod Nano (if you like iPods) and the President speaks to Congress on health […]

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What’s Up With Those Shoes?

July 3, 2009 Dressing

There’s an insurance company that advertises heavily in Seattle, using caricatures of local stereotypes. One of those is “Sandals With Socks Guy.” Yes, the city where I live has enough guys walking around wearing Tevas with white tube socks that an insurance company feels comfortable making fun of it. And a quick survey of the […]

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Site to Watch:

June 18, 2009 Dressing

In my travels around the web, one severe deficiency I’m finding is a lack of sites to help an average guy dress better. Basically you have to go either with the standard AskMen or other Maxim-esque sites that show you the stuff they’ve been paid to promote that month, or with something like, where […]

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Talkin’ Pants

June 16, 2009 Dressing

Two weeks ago we looked at the shirt you’re wearing, and determined that you need a new one. (Play along with me here.) This time we’re going to focus on what covers your nether regions. I’m assuming you already know that women generally can’t stand tighty-whiteys, and I can’t say I blame them – out […]

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