We won’t even discuss the usual “kid in a candy store” attitude most of the Bachelors (and Bachelorettes) adopt in this fake series about fake “love” (it’s no surprise that only one couple has ever actually been married).

Let's start with those clothes, Jason.

Instead, the whole debacle demonstrated Jason Mesnick’s problems understanding what he wants in life. As some of you may know, Jason was presented with a herd of women, which he quickly whittled down to two: one a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and the other a department store buyer from Milwaukee.

Guess who he proposed to.

Guess who had buyer’s remorse immediately after.

He couldn’t even give a reason other than the catch-all “chemistry.” And when presented with the runner-up, his speech to her amounted to “I broke up with that other girl I pushed you aside for, so I’m free for you now.” But did he propose to his new choice? Hell no. All he was interested in proposing was “coffee…?”

I will lay 2:1 odds Jason will be single again by this time next year.


He doesn’t have his life together. He has a good start – he’s forced to have that, though – someone who would be a good “role model” for his young son. But beyond the obvious, Jason isn’t clear on his personal priorities. If he really was, he wouldn’t have been on the show (or “The Bachelorette” before it) in the first place – he would instead be deep into a relationship with one of the many awesome women in the Pacific Northwest.

You can do better than Jason.

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